• 1/2 Day Tour

Door Bluff Shipwreck 1/2 Day Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Make it a 1/2 day experience with this hike, picnic and kayak tour of Death’s Door.

The Door Bluff County Park Shipwreck Kayak Tour is amazing!

The Death’s Door Bluff County Park Shipwreck Kayak Tour is the perfect combination of serenity and adventure. This is one of our best Door County Tours, we see several of the Peninsula’s secret spots including the Schooner Fleetwing Shipwreck, some Native American Pictographs, rock cairns of Door Bluff County Park, the highest natural spot in Door County, and a view of Washington Island. Home to where Door County got its name from…Death’s Door.

What to expect on your kayak tour:

No experience is necessary and Red Cross-trained guided instruction is provided. Because we meet at the launch site, no time is spent driving to and from the tour location, making this tour a great option for someone who wants to spend as much time on the water as possible. As this tour is located farther North on the Peninsula, it is beyond the travels of most tourists in Door County. The secluded nature of the Death’s Door Bluff Tour makes this a great location for a private tour.


2.5 -3 hours total (~2 hours on water) 30min-1 hour setup/instruction/checkout(group size dependent)


Daily, weather dependent. Click “book online” to see available times, prices and availability.

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  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy
  • Cancel your tour 48 hours prior to the tour start time to receive a 100% refund.

    Weather related cancellation options: (chosen when booking)

    1. I am not able to reschedule if weather doesn’t cooperate (+$5/person 100% refund)
    2. I will reschedule to a different day if weather/wind/waves doesn’t cooperate (100% refund after exhausting 1 reschedule opportunity)
    3. I will reschedule to a different tour location if weather/wind/waves aren’t appropriate for my chosen tour (100% refund if no locations are appropriate due to weather)
    4. I will reschedule to a different tour or day. (100% refund if no locations are appropriate due to weather)

    If you choose option 3,4 or 5. We only ask you try to reschedule once, if weather doesn’t cooperate the second time, we will issue you a refund or reschedule you again if you chose (not likely as we can usually pick a successful time in a 3 day forecast window.

    Cancellation Communication:

    We do the best we can to communicate with you prior to your tour time so you can make the most of your vacation days.

    We work to be as proactive as possible to let you know ahead of your tour time, so you don’t have to show up to find out. From time to time, we cancel last minute due to weather, but this doesn’t happen often.

    If you are traveling from far away just to kayak with us, please reach out the prior day via text or call to talk about the weather.

    Minimum tour participants cancellation:

    Our tours have a minimum of 4 participants to launch.

    • During June/July/August this rarely happens due to our popularity.
    • During May, sept and oct, this can happen.

    If we don’t have the minimum participants to launch, you have 3 choices

    • make it a private tour
    • reschedule to another tour time or location to meet minimum
    • offer you a 100% refund.