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Door County Kayak Tours, Paddle board, Fat Tire E-Bike Tours & Rentals

Open this Winter!

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Small Group Tours that Connect You to Door County's Gems

Door County Bike Tours

Door County Kayak Tours

Welcome to Cave Point Paddle and Pedal

Our most popular tour is the Door County kayak tour of Cave Point County Park.  During the busy season, we offer tours every half hour and are located just around the corner from the kayak launch.  Check out our new 1/2 day tours of Cave Point County Park, Peninsula State Park or Door Bluff County Park Shipwreck Tour that includes a hike/swim & picnic.

Think of us as your outdoor adventure tour destination.  No experience necessary.  All ages and abilities welcome.  All tours are weather dependent.

Why Us?

  • We have been operating kayak tours for 18 years!
  • We add new fleets of is-on-top kayaks to our gear every year.
  • Our lifejackets are fresh, mesh back, comfortable and look good in a photo.
  • We have an onsite photographer, not a waterproof camera that gets water spots on it.
  • Our meeting location is right around the corner from cave point. Other tour operators are located 20+ minutes away.
  • You don’t have to pay a state park entrance fee on top of your tour price.
  • Your Safety is our #1 Priority!  Our launch location approaches Cave Point county park from the north.  This gives us the ability to retreat into a safe harbor(Schauer Park) when the south wind and waves pick up.   Other operators start from Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park. (This makes it more dangerous to return when the south wind and waves kick in, and they do a 30% of the time.)
  • We offer a return customer trip discount.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  While we do have a short season to make a living.  We want to make sure you tell 10 people how awesome of an experience you had, not 100 people how you couldn’t see cave point due to the waves.  You can come back for a free trip if we cannot see cave point via kayak from an enjoyable and safe vantage point.

Choose From multiple Door County Tours:

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