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7 Reasons Why Newport State Park is the Best Park in Door County

7 Reasons newport state park is the best park in Door County, Wisconsin

Find out why Newport state park is considered one of the 5 gems of Door County Parks system!  Newport state park offers a 180-degree difference from Peninsula state park, go hiking and not see anyone, have a secluded beach all to yourself and no more car camping, only hike to and kayak to campsites are available.  Those are just some of the awesome reasons why it should be on your Door County Vacation Itinerary.

We love Newport State Park and you will too!


A lot of the 30 miles of hiking borders Lake Michigan near the gorgeous shoreline, hiking is one of the great ways to explore and see Newport State Park.  The park is very close to the Mink River Estuary,

2. Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Not many other campsites can claim to be able to kayak to them other than Rock Island State Park.   So take advantage of that ability and pack your bags and launch from either the Northport beach or the Rowleys Bay Boat launch.  Access to the Mink River Estuary,  Europe Lake, and some off-lying islands make this park an amazing kayak exploration potential.  Make sure to look at the weather forecast before heading into Death’s Door or over to Plum Island to paddle under the old Coast Guard Station. The Door County Bluff Park has some great things to see too if you can make it that far and are an experienced paddler.  If you’re interested in kayaking around Newport State Park, give us a call or find out more information to rent kayaks on our website here ->Door County Kayak Rentals or a Door County Paddle board Rental  We deliver!

3. Newport State Park Designated as a Dark Sky Spot!

Only a few spots in the world are designated as a dark sky spot.  Don’t fall asleep while watching shooting stars, the Aurora Borealis or searching for constellations during your camping trip here.  Bring a pillow, some blankets and a snuggle buddy for your best bet to see some shooting stars.

4. Kayak Camping

Not many campgrounds can claim to be able to kayak to them in Door County, so prepare your kayak, pack your dry bags full of fluffy marshmallows and kayak from either the Rowleys Bay boat launch to a campsite on the lake Michigan or via Europe lake boat launch for a more protected campsite and a more protected lake paddling opportunity.  The majority of campsites at Newport state park are the hike to, so this gives you a fun opportunity to take advantage of the kayak.

Kayak Camping

5. Silence is golden

Take advantage of this park is in the corner northeast of Door County and find some seclusion on one of the less frequented stretches of shoreline.

6. Nude Beach?

Newport state park has the best chance of being alone on a stretch of beach.  Keep an eye out for people, because it is a small peninsula.

6. Naturally Air Conditioned

Newport state park is located on Lake Michigan which notoriously brings cooler conditions than the west side of the peninsula.  If you feel like it is getting hot out, head over and take a swim.  The nice thing about the swimming is that because of the Niagara Escarpment, the low lying water near the beach warms up quickly if the wind is low and the sun is out!  It can warm up faster than the bay side.

7. Morels

There is a good chance if you like wildcrafting, this is a good spot to go hunting.  Sorry, but I can’t tell you any more.

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