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7 Reasons why Potawatomi State Park is the Best Park in Door County!

7 reasons why potawatomi state park is the best park

We love this State Park and we know you will too.

Located close to the city of Sturgeon Bay on the southern end of the peninsula, Potawatomi State Park is one of our “best parks” of Door County. A huge park at around 1200 acres, the park’s landscape combines gentle rolling hills with towering limestone cliffs. Vacationers enjoy a multitude of outdoor recreation activities; fishing from a pier, launching boats for free (state park pass required), car camping, hiking, photography, biking, picnicking and climbing the observation tower stairs for a spectacular picturesque view 225 feet above Lake Michigan. A variety of species call the park home; herons, bald eagles, raccoon, deer, and more can be seen.

Here are some things to do there.

  1. Check out a Door County sunset. Potawatomi State Park has some great sunsets!  Make sure if you go out on the water 1/2 hour before sunset with a kayak or Door County paddle board rental, that you have a light you can turn on (it is a law).
  2. Kayak; Use a Door County kayak rental and see the shoreline, it has plenty of spots to get some glassy water and surf if you know where to go.
  3. Hike- Take advantage of the tower, while it is still there or explore the many trails offered around the park.
  4. Swim- protected spots to take a dip, make this park an awesome to get wet.
  5. Camp- round up the family and pack up the car.
  6. Run, take advantage of the trails and lace up those running shoes, my preferred method of running is on rough trails, not paths.  I am a true believer in trail running.
  7. Roast Marshmallows over an open fire.

potawatomi state park overlook

Potawatomi State Park Map

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