Cave Point County Park Kayak Tour

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See Cave Point County Park like you've never seen it before!

Cave Point County Park is the #1 spot in Door County to kayak

A waters perspective is the best way to view Cave Point County Parks caves, cliffs and unique geological formations around the park.  Kayakers of all experience levels can come along for this fun tour. We’ll launch the kayaks just north of Cave Point Park and begin our paddle down the beautiful, rocky shores of Lake Michigan. On the way to the park, guests will have the opportunity to gain confidence in their paddling as they pass by the wonderful lakefront scenery. After just over a mile, the picturesque caves and coves will start to appear, and kayakers will be treated to amazing vistas that can only be viewed from the water. Pictures can hardly do justice to the sights and sounds you will experience while paddling inside these geologic wonders.

If time and weather should permit, our visit to the cave you can kayak into will be followed by a quick view of Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park where beautiful expanses of beach rest in front of the marvelous sand formations.

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