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Door County Tours

Join us as we explore the unique, beautiful Peninsula with any of the Door County Tours we offer.  With limited time in a day, let us choreograph some picturesque moments to enjoy your vacation.  Door County, Wisconsin offers so many vistas, so many food offerings and

In Door County you’re enveloped by a deep history that can be experienced in so many unique ways. No matter how old you are, nothing helps connect with the cultural character, historical stories, and environmental awareness better than using a guided tour. These insightful and entertaining tours will open your eyes to the past and present of the area’s history, locale, people and industries.

All of these tours visit different locations around Door County.  They each have a different story behind them and a different feel.  The tour guides tell the stories of Door county’s past inhabitants and the evolution into today’s current economies of fishing, tourism and more.  They all provide an engaging and interpretive experience, make sure to involve your children too.

a guy leaning back in the back of a kayak in door county, with a small girl in the front of the kayak doing all the work paddling

Lean back and let us guide you with a Door County Tour.

7 Must See Door County Tour Destinations

Door County Bluffs
Door County Bluffs are a big part of the peninsula’s ecological scene as well as a popular site for tourists and are best viewed by boat or kayak. There are many places that offer bluff specific scenic tours or offer tours that include bluff visits.

Door County Lighthouses
The most picturesque lighthouse in Door County is the Cana Island lighthouse.  Make sure to break out the camera and check that one out.  The maritime history reminders make for fun day hikes.   Door County lighthouses are best viewed from the water via a Door County Kayak Tour, or if you are more land based one of our beginner Door County hiking and photography tours.

Door County Wineries
Door County has numerous wineries, it’s not Napa valley, and you should prepare your palate for sweet wine made of cherries. Visit a few of them and do a tasting and learn about the wine, they are a new up and coming industry in Door County since the local colleges have figured out how to have the vines survive the negative 40 degree weather during the winter.

Door County Shipwrecks
While they aren’t easy to see if you take a stroll through Door County, shipwrecks are a big part of the ‘scenery’ of Lake Michigan. The best ways to see these shipwrecks is with a guide on either a kayak or boat.

Door County Shipwreck Tours

Check out our Door Bluff Shipwreck tour in Ellison Bay.

Door County Parks
Make sure to check out the 5 gems of Door County;  Peninsula State Park, Newport State Park, Rock Island State Park, Potawatomi State Park and Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park.  There are five state parks, 19 county parks, and multiple trails on the county hosted on Door County Land Trust land, outdoor adventure in Door County is easy to find.  Hike the parks and choose your own ability level hikes.

Peninsula State Park Hiking & Photography Tour


5 Amazing Tours in Door County

Kayak Tours

We have hand selected numerous bluff, cliff, eco, wetland, and shipwreck tour destinations around Lake Michigan to kayak.  Make no mistake, we are the top Peninsula kayak company in Door County, WI.  and one of the top cave kayak tour companies in the United States.

Door County Boat Tours

Coming soon, we will be adding a motorized zodiac 15′ boat to our fleet to see offer a Cave Point County Park Zodiac Boat Tour.  We have had a lot of requests from people that just don’t want to use a kayak. 🙁  But we are responding as best we can with a

Hiking & Photography Tours

Still haven’t figure out how to use your iphone or new DSLR camera?  Wondering what all those filters really do and which one to use?  Want to explore some amazing picturesque spots in Door County, but don’t know which ones to visit for the optimal lighting?  This Door County hiking and photography tour is the answer to your tour woes!

A old truck photographed during our door county tour hiking

Wine Tours

We recommend Stone’s Throw winery or Door Peninsula Winery.

Food Tours

We are playing with this idea, we have a lot of great foodie friends in the industry that we love to stay close with.  Door County Underground comes to mind, so does The Door County Creamery goat farm tour.

Cocktail Tours

So who mixes up the best cocktails in the county?  We might just have to make the bar’s raise their bar and shuttle you around the county to keep you safe.  Still in the planning stages.

Brewery Tours

We need a few more brewerys to pop up, but for now, Door County Brewery does a great job at filling the gap of Breweries in Door County, WI.

Check out 7 Best Things to do in Door County for more amazing free and fun experiences to make your vacation MEMORABLE!